Spring Into Summer With Some Hot Sales!!!

Shalom everyone!  As some of you know, for many years now I have enjoyed sewing.  Doing a quality job is important to me and seeing a modestly-gorgeous outfit on someone makes the work so rewarding!  Most of my work has been for myself or family, but recently I have started offering my services to anyone.  If you are interested, click here to learn more.

Today I wanted to announce 40% off all the skirts in my tiny shop!

Ladies Rainbow Glow Tier Skirt
Was: $84.99 Now: $50.99
Size: 35.5 inches long. Custom Waist size.  Click here for more info or to order.

Only 1 Available!
Only 1 Available!

Girl’s Long Tier Skirt
Was: $27.99 Now: $16.79
Size: 25.5 inches long. 23 inch waist. Click here for more info or to order.
Girls Long Tier Skirt

Girl’s Birdie Blue Skirt
Was: $24.99 Now: $14.99
Size: 28.5 inches long. Custom waist size. Click here for more info or to order.
Girls Birdie Blue Skirt

If you would like a different skirt or anything else sewn for you, feel free to visit my website or contact me at ruthannvirginia@gmail.com.

P.S. Lilla Rose is having a site-wide sale … EVERYTHING is 10% off until midnight tonight (pacific time) AND you can get free shipping on orders $40 or more!  Order through this link for a chance to win the mystery hostess rewards: http://lillarose.biz/parties/5129.  They have also released the July Flexi-of-the-month early so it can be ordered in time for Independence Day!


One thought on “Spring Into Summer With Some Hot Sales!!!

  1. Hello Ruth! You definitely do beautiful work on the skirts! I just wanted to commend you. So very pretty! I pray this will go well for you. Love and blessings….

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