Baked Brie

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Do you like Brie Cheese? Do you want to like it, but have a hard time getting over the unique taste? That used to be me! My father is very good at finding deals, especially at Kroger, and can often get it at a discounted price. While many in my family could enjoy slice after slice of this cheese, I would have to settle for a cracker!

But then this appetizer came along. A friend made it for us and after a bite or so, I was hooked! It is delicious! The combination of taste and textures are perfect. I love to make this when we are having a group over, or for special occasions like appetizers before the Thanksgiving meal.

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If you want to make it even better, try making your own fresh tortilla chips to eat with it. You could also fry or bake store bought tortillas until they are firm and crunchy.

Baked Brie
½ -1 c. chopped apples
¼ -½ c. sliced almonds
¼ -½ c. dried cranberries
1 T. sucanat
1 T. melted butter
1 round Brie or 2 triangles

Preheat oven to 350° F. Cut Brie in half. Mix all ingredients and spread in the middle and on top of the Brie. Bake for 10-15 minutes, the cheese should be starting to soften and melt. Take from the oven and serve immediately with chips or crackers.

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10 thoughts on “Baked Brie

  1. This looks amazing! I loooove brie (well actually I love all cheese, but brie is one of my favorites). I’ve never had it quite like this – I generally wrap it in puff pastry along with some raspberry preserves or honey – and the texture combination looks like it would indeed be fabulous!

    1. Do not worry about being skilled enough to make this recipe or not. It is SO EASY and the measurements are more suggestions than set in stone. Just give it a try!

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