The Responsibility Of Love

responsibility of love

Everybody loves love.  You find it trying to be portrayed in the majority of movies, songs, novels, etc.  If people are in it, they want to talk about it; and most people want to hear all about it. Why?

These thoughts and more ran through my mind one warm, sunny winter day as I was in our Coton de Tulear yard (these are dogs we raise) cleaning up droppings.

“Ima, Abba wants to talk to you,” a child called to me, from the house.

“Did you tell him I was outside?” I asked.  Usually if I am outside when my husband calls, he tells the children to have me call back when I go in.

“Yes,” was the response.

“Okay, then bring the phone here please,” I said, as a thought went through my mind that something was wrong.

“Where are you and what are you doing?” Tom asked as I answered the phone.

I responded with, “I’m in the Coton pen, cleaning up droppings.

“Well, speaking of that, Jack is back, needing work.  He is divorced.”

“What?” I was shocked.  Jack had gotten married and moved away less than a year earlier.  With a heavy heart I listened as Tom explained Jack’s sad story.  As I turned off the phone and handed it to the child on the other side of the fence, she said, “What’s wrong?”

“Jack got divorced.”

“What?” she responded in sad shock.  As I considered my child’s response and the sad situation, I spent a lot of time thinking as I was picking up droppings.  The following conclusions are from those thoughts.

If you are an unmarried person, regardless of your age, hoping to be married one day, please, please, please consider the responsibility of love now, before allowing emotions to become a part of your thinking process … when a “possibility” comes along.

What do I mean by saying “the responsibility of love”?  The bottom line is; it is not about you. Yes, you get to experience a wonderful blessing with many wonderful feelings, hopes, desires, joys, etc.  But the bottom line is; it is not about you.  A couple in love is a representation of what love is and it should show Who is the author of this awesome experience.  Without Him, it is impossible to make any relationship a true representation of love.

Strong, good marriages give strength and hope to the communities they touch.  They glorify the Father in heaven and give faith and courage to many who need it in this dark world we face daily.  Broken relationships foster sadness, sickness, discouragement, bitterness and despair. THEY FURTHER THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE A PART OF THE DESTRUCTION.

Love is a decision, not an emotion.  Yes, there are some wonderful emotions that are byproducts of love, but before you stir those up, consider the seriousness of the decision.  I do not think anyone would think it wise to make a major life decision based on feelings with no facts to consider in the decision process.  So look for, and seriously consider, facts before beginning any relationship.  Here are some random thoughts, if you would like to consider some of my advice.

Don’t look for love.  Our society is so focused on “finding” love.  YHWH and Yeshua are love.  If you do not know Them, get a Bible and get to know Them.  If you know Them, get to know Them better.  Spend your time “in love” with Them, until the time is right for your earthly love affair to begin.  Seek the heavenly Father’s will for you and your spouse.  Since He knows each of us intimately, wouldn’t it be best to allow Him to bring your spouse into your life?  Avoid “romantic” movies, books, songs, etc that stir up “longing” emotions.  Yeshua gave us an example of how to live our lives as servants.  Follow that example of how to spend your time and look for opportunities to serve.

If it looks like “a possibility” may be coming into your life, go to the heavenly Father in prayer. Find out everything you can about this “possibility” from a distance … not as you are getting emotionally attached to this person.  Examine the matter through the counsel of your parents. Examine it with the counsel of mature believers.  Prayerfully consider all the facts BEFORE entering into a relationship.  Why start something that has no hopeful future?  Make a list of what facts need to be known before you can consider if someone is even a “possibility”.

It is our responsibility to portray an accurate example of what love is so that our heavenly Father can be glorified, for the furtherance of the kingdom of heaven.  Please be a good steward and fight the good fight.  Bring a smile to the faces of our heavenly Father and heavenly Bridegroom, Yeshua.  The reward you will receive will be well worth any personal sacrifice on your part.

4 thoughts on “The Responsibility Of Love

  1. Very good advise! I would like permission to send this to our grandaughter and niece. (I would have to print it out and mail it). Blessings…..

  2. Being someone from divorce, I completely understand your post. I married way too early and didn’t know what love was and commitment. I hate that we ended in divorce but years later I found the perfect man for me. We are equally yoked and I am experiencing love like never before. I honestly think people should be engaged for awhile to feel each other out and really realize that those “courting” feelings may not last forever. Great post.

  3. Hi Annie,

    This is my first time visiting (from the Hearts for Home linkup), and I so appreciated this post. What a beautiful and appropriately strong caution to young people “looking for love”! It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our marriages are first to glorify God, and then to satisfy us, and I appreciate you offering that reminder to both married and unmarried in this post!

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