It’s A Mystery Hostess Party!

mystery hostess

Thank you all for your participation in our recent giveaway – we want to congratulate Theresa C who won the free item! Since so many of you expressed interest in the flexi-clips, we thought it would fun to have a mystery hostess party! This means that whoever makes a purchase through this party will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win the hostess rewards. Here is a list of the rewards: The mystery hostess can earn up to $150 in free products, 6 half-priced items and a special gift!

So here’s what you do … order through this link: anytime between now and 12:00am CST, February 20th. When you order, your name will automatically be entered into the contest and the winner will be drawn Friday, February 21st.

You will also notice that Lilla Rose is offering a two-day only 10% sale on select items, including the February 2013 flexi-of-the-month: Rosey Heart! To view all the available sale items, type the word heart into the search window. Keep in mind, this sale expires midnight PST, February 8th.

Last but not least, we are offering a prize to the person who invites the most customers to this party! Do you have any friends who would be interested in Lilla Rose products? This would be the perfect time to send them this link and ask them to consider ordering through this party: Then you can send me the names and email addresses of whomever you have invited … I will not contact them or share their information with anyone, this is just a way for me to see who has invited the most customers. This person will receive a $10 gift certificate to Lilla Rose!

There has been some inquiry about the fact that many of the flexi-clips are currently out of stock.  HQ has announced that nearly all of these items will be back in stock by mid-February so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back in a few days!

*Please Note: Lilla Rose does not send emails verifying your order through party links but I would be happy to confirm your order if you email me after finishing it. The party will stay open until Thursday night, and then once it is closed all orders will ship. Please remember to select the “Ship to Customer” option so that it ships to you instead of the hostess!*

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