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Do you ever have problems with dry, cracking skin?  I did, until I started using MadeOn Hard Lotion!  Renee, at MadeOn Hard Lotion, sent us several products to use and review, including an Au Chocolat Bar, a Bee Silk Bar, a Natural Lip Balm and a Peppermint Lip Balm.

At first I was a little skeptical about hard lotion but when I began rubbing the Au Chocolate Bar onto my hands, I knew that I’d have a hard time putting it down!  I rubbed it for a long time, then tried their peppermint lip balm and loved that too!

Hard lotion is lotion that is solid at room temperature.  It is designed specifically to protect hands and feet from cracked and extreme dry skin.  Many people have found that the hard lotion bar provides relief for eczema and super-sensitive skin.  It feels sooooo good and instantly makes your skin feel soft and smooth!

The hard lotion bar has three simple ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.  Shea butter and coconut oil soften and soothe dry skin and are gentle enough to rub over skin cuts and cracks.  The beeswax emulsifies the other two ingredients to create a beautiful combination to smooth your skin.

MadeOn has a lot of different products including Bug Block lotion and Bee Silk Jr. for very sensitive skin, as well as Hair Butter and Soap.

IMG_2656I have tried so many different moisturizers, lotions, etc. and NOTHING has ever worked so well for me!  I use it every day and my hands have done better than I can ever remember.  My other siblings also have trouble with their hands, especially in the winter when we are handling a lot of firewood.  This gets to be pretty inconvenient since we heat our home with wood!  But they have also found relief through using the hard lotion bar.

Another reason I like MadeOn Hard Lotion is because it’s not that wet, slimy lotion that you have to rub and rub.  It quickly absorbs into your skin and you’re ready to wash dishes or do whatever needs to be done without having to wait until the lotion finally soaks in!

I highly recommend this business and if I could, I would buy hundreds of bars for all of my friends!  They would make a great practical gifts for anyone.

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