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I received the following comment on The Higher Calling Part Two and am sharing the answers in a new post.

“Please don’t stop!  I hope there is more for me to learn, and ponder, and do like you; I really have learned quite a bit from your two posts, thank you.  How do you keep the feasts, exactly?  What does that look like if you are missing pieces?  How does a typical day look?  Since my children are young, could you answer from the preschool age? And current ages, as well?”

Thank you Brittany, for your kind encouragement.  As for how to keep the Feasts exactly … there is no answer.  When the Israelites were commanded to keep the Feast, they were coming into the Land (except for the first Passover).  We also do not have a sacrificial system as they did, so we cannot keep the Feasts as written in Leviticus.  My suggestion is that you and your husband read the passages relating to the Feast … read other books in relation to the Feasts … then pray for the leading of the Heavenly Father in how He wants your family to “keep the Feasts”.

Keeping the Feasts is a living relationship with the Heavenly Father.  It is a time to commune with Him.  Seek Him for the plan.  We have been doing this for 20+ years and each year is a different experience.  Yes, some things stay consistent through the years, like having lamb for Passover or camping for Sukkot, but each year the Heavenly Father reveals Himself in a new and deeper way.

As for a typical day, my goal is to “live to praise the heavenly Father and restore order to His creation, through the leading of His Son”.  From a young age, I taught the children to rise, make their beds, bring order to their room, get dressed, brush hair, etc.  They would then take care of animal chores.  We would eat breakfast together, clean up food, dishes, tidy the house, clean the bathroom, etc.  We then gather together for praise and worship, bible time and prayer.  After this we do homeschooling, play outside, eat lunch, I read an inspirational book to the children, then naps for those who need them or more school work.  There is free time after school, dinner, then family time.

34With preschool children, things may not flow as smoothly because diapers need to be changed, attitudes need to be adjusted, sometimes discipline needs to be given and messes need to be cleaned up.  But your goal can be to instruct them to bring order into your home with a right heart and sweet spirit.  My young children were with me regardless of what I was doing and, at a young age, learned many skills.

With preschoolers, some days don’t end up looking like we thought they should, but that is okay.  What is important is trying to keep the fruits of Spirit flowing in your home.  This is not an easy task because we each have our own personal struggles in the flesh against sin and temptations.  Then you mix together a variety of personality types that may not mesh easily … and what do you get??  The home is an excellent microcosm of what life will be like as we try to “live at peace with all men”.  If there is just one thing you accomplish in a day, let it be “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – Luke 11:2.  Or in your home … let it be filled with shalom!

If you are training up preschoolers, the most important way to keep shalom (peace) in your home is to train them to obey with right hearts.  If you discipline wrong attitudes, the children are happy and the home stays happy.  If you allow wrong attitudes, even if every thing is clean and orderly in the house, the spirit of the home will not be peaceful or joyful.

With little ones, after you have encouraged them into having sweet spirits (and it is important to note here that children mirror you … if you don’t have a sweet spirit, they won’t), the goal that needs to be met is to make your home a haven.

This includes proper nutrition for the family to keep all of you healthy … make the effort to give your husband a good breakfast and lunch also.  Don’t make his only option for lunch a fast food restaurant or gas station that serves pizza and greasy stuff, with an old lady (or smiley young one) handing him a bag saying “Here ya go sweetie”.  Make provision for your sweetie to have a better option.

Do your best to keep up with the laundry being washed and put away to alleviate the stress of needing something clean to wear.  Even little children can help fold and put away laundry.   Also, a clean orderly home gives all the family members  a place to relax and does not make you uncomfortable to have people “drop in”.  If you accomplish these things and have time for other activities, then enjoy yourself.  If these basics are not met, I highly encourage you to not do other activities that take you away from accomplishing the basics, because they will add stress and disorder in your home.

Wow, I have written a long answer to  short questions!  I hope my insights will be helpful.  Shalom to your home!  ~ Annie

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  1. Wow! Todah rabbah Ima! Facing my little one’s birth has had me thinking of “family life with little ones” a lot more and it was a blessing to hear your perspective! Love you and see you soon Yah willing! 😉

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these things. It certainly helps to take stock of your priorities, any time, but especially when you have very small children. You simply can’t accomplish the same amount of tasks in a day, so you have to prioritize. Too often I forget that shalom is top priority. I sewed a nice big banner that has that word emblazoned on it and hung it on the wall, it’s a nice reminder. This post was a welcome reminder as well. Blessings to you and yours!

  3. thank you, very much!! I have read this response over five times in the past month and am thankful for the wisdom. My husband has been leading us in a very different path than my evangelical up bringing has lead me- a lot more attention to the laws and customs of the old testament; it has been very exciting! We completely agree and understand that it has nothing to do with justification or salvation but we do see the benefit in our sanctification. I am more than likely not explaining myself well here, and that is because i am terrible at expressing my thoughts in writing. Thank you for your encouragement and instruction.

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