Drawstring Baby Gowns On Etsy!

I just listed these in our etsy store and wanted to let all of you know about them as well. As you may have seen on Creative Custom Clothing, most of my sewing is custom orders but this listing gives you the option of choosing what size gown you would like, made from fabric that I already have.

These cute little gowns are a perfect outfit for newborn babies. The V-neckline allows the gown to be easily put on and taken off the baby, and a onesie can be worn underneath. I also offer a closed-neck style with a snap at the top, which eliminates the need for an undershirt or onesie. The drawstring at the bottom not only enables easy access for changing diapers, but by pulling the strings in tight, you keep your baby’s feet warm and toasty.

Here is what the gown looks like:


These are the three fabrics that I have available right now …

If you’re interested in having a gown made from one of these fabrics, you can find more details by clicking here.

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