Summer Days And Polka Dots – A Modest Outfit Post

Hello Ladies!

I hope this finds you all doing fantastic!  If not, then just know that you are loved and cared for by a Mighty God who never falls asleep on the throne … He has got it all under control!  So don’t lose heart; stand steadfast in Him and keep fighting for the glorious victory is ahead!

Hannah had asked for me to get outfit pictures yesterday, so as I scanned my wardrobe (that isn’t very big), I grabbed the outfit below, since I knew it hadn’t been featured on RF yet.  Later I realized that I’d picked a green blouse, which made me laugh in light of the post I’d shared two weeks ago about Ruthie’s outfit!

Anyway … I do have to apologize for the bad lighting … I am not a photographer, so I don’t understand the whole lighting thing!  We got outside after the sun sunk below the hill (it’s cooler that way!) and Abigail told me the lighting wasn’t the best … but I felt sure it would be okay!  Well, she was right!  The pictures are okay, but the lighting is not 100% accurate … mainly with my blouse … in real life it is a deeper, brighter, fresh green color. (more…)